Beer snacks?

What’s the best thing to snack on when drinking a beer or two?

Crisps– For me it has to be ready salted, too strong a flavour takes away from the beverage.
 Nuts– Has to be honey roasted cashews.

Chips – Frites Belgium style with mayo.

Chocolate Dark, 70% Montezumas Peruvian.

Tapas has to be the ultimate beer snacking for me, especially when done like a platter above.
 Finally a Bowl of death. This is a bowl which has a mix of crisps(Cheetos), chocolate such as Maltesers or Revels, Haribo, pretzels etc.  This is a bit student style but I believe there is a time and a place!

2 thoughts on “Beer snacks?

  1. Lithuanian’s have a special dish for beer Ben – “užkandžiai prie alaus” — literally, “snacks to beer”
    its like fried bread, melted cheese and mayo, it’s really nice.


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