Sneak preview

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a sample of a new recipe from Barrahooley.  The beer is a ‘RyePA’, I’m not sure what its final name will be on the bottle but I’m sure it will be something like RyePA.

There are a few stand out features of this beer that you should know about that stand it apart from the standard IPA type beers that you can pick up.

Firstly as it is made with rye (which in itself is not too unusual) it has a nice spicy background.

Secondly and more unusually it has a massively thick mouthfeel, which at first sounds weird but when you get a chance to drink it I’m sure you will agree is really nice.

It has a nice fresh strong hoppy taste as you would expect from an IPA, and rumour has it that it may even get a further dry hopping prior to general release. If you are expecting a beer with a big foamy head that lasts then this may not be for you as rye can impact head formation.

If you see it in due course, give it a try you won’t be disappointed.

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