Belfast craft beer festival

This was the second year of the Belfast craft beer festival in the Custom House square. It was the warmest day of the year and the sun was splitting the sky! Unusual for Northern Ireland but great when it happens. 

There seemed to be a lot less brewery’s exhibiting this year, not sure why, but it had an overall impact on the enjoyment of the festival in my opinion. Maybe the rates were too much or it could have been that the Killarney beer festival was the same weekend. Also sadly missed was Mikes fancy cheese, which I feel fits in very well with a few beers. 

Stand out beers for me:

The White Hag- Puca (berries version).

Kinnegar- Great Arch hybrid and the Hare and the Hag collaboration.

Trouble- Passion fruit larger.

I really enjoyed the music that the DJ was playing, perfect for the hot sunny vibe. We had a lovely time in the sun and enjoyed the beers that were on offer.  I hope that they will build on the first two years and that next years festival has more breweries than this.