Tea and fruit cake

Here are a few beers that is have tried over the last few weeks which I think you may like. All of these are extremely well made and easy to drink, depending on your preference one or all may be up your street.

First up Wu Gang Chops The Tree by Pressure Drop

This is a Heffewisse which is a wheat beer.  However not really in the heavy style you see often, this is light and citrus. It is really refreshing and the foraged herbs that have been added really shine through. It has a low ABV of 3.8% and is easy to drink. It did however take 2 or 3 sips to get into it, but once I was close to finishing the bottle I was craving more.

Next up Undercurrent from Siren Craft

What a beer! Smooth mouth feel, hoppy resin, pine and citrus. I loved it. Sessionable at 4.5% ABV, try it I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Next Aventinus from Schneider Weisse

A dopplebock which is unbelievable in my opinion. Malty, caramel, rich fruit cake and a slight roasted edge. This is smooth and not overly carbonated. 8.2% ABV so nice and warming but it hides its strength well. Lovely and widely available.

Finally Gunnamatta from Yeastie Boys

This is an Earle Grey IPA, it has the standard hoppy IPA style with an added bergamot hit from the tea. Sometimes the tea can prove overpowering however not in this case. Well balanced and left me wanting more, beaut! Stronger ABV at close to 7% and with the bergamot/tea taste and aroma not in my eyes sessionable.

Enjoy if you pick any of them up.