Kinnegar brewery – Black Bucket (Black Rye IPA) 

  Black bucket is a ‘Special’ from the Donegal Brewers. It has a APV of 6.5%.

Overall – This is a very well balanced black IPA. For me it has all the best characteristics of a great IPA mixed with a roasty toasty stout. Very strongly recommended, in fact it is amazing or as we say in the Northeast “lush”.  9.5/10

Appearance – Pitch black with a foamy cream head.

Aroma – Floral hops with burnt toast and coffee.

Flavour – Fusion between American IPA and full bodied stout. Think of the best pint of Guinness you have had but lighter with a more hoppy bitter finish.

Mouthfeel – Slick and slightly warming.

Finish – Llingering coffee and hops with a slight bitterness.